Geometric unfolding of synchronization dynamics on networks
  • 2021
Lluís Arola Fernández, Skardal P.S, Alex Arenas

We study the synchronized state in a population of network-coupled, heterogeneous oscillators. In particular, we show that the steady-state solution of the linearized dynamics may be written as a geometric series whose subsequent terms represent different spatial scales of the network. Specifically, each additional term incorporates contributions from wider network neighborhoods. We prove that this geometric expansion converges for arbitrary frequency distributions and for both undirected and directed networks provided that the adjacency matrix is primitive. We also show that the error in the truncated series grows geometrically with the second largest eigenvalue of the normalized adjacency matrix, analogously to the rate of convergence to the stationary distribution of a random walk. Last, we derive a local approximation for the synchronized state by truncating the spatial series, at the first neighborhood term, to illustrate the practical advantages of our approach. © 2021 Author(s).