Percolation in networks with local homeostatic plasticity
  • 2022
Giacomo Rapisardi, Ivan Kryven, Alex Arenas

Percolation is a process that impairs network connectedness by deactivating links or nodes. This process features a phase transition that resembles paradigmatic critical transitions in epidemic spreading, biological networks, traffic and transportation systems. Some biological systems, such as networks of neural cells, actively respond to percolation-like damage, which enables these structures to maintain their function after degradation and aging. Here we study percolation in networks that actively respond to link damage by adopting a mechanism resembling synaptic scaling in neurons. We explain critical transitions in such active networks and show that these structures are more resilient to damage as they are able to maintain a stronger connectedness and ability to spread information. Moreover, we uncover the role of local rescaling strategies in biological networks and indicate a possibility of designing smart infrastructures with improved robustness to perturbations. © 2022, The Author(s).